NET4 Fibre

NET4 Fibre (FTTH), replaces the old copper phone cable to your home with optical fibre capable of superfast internet speeds. It’s time to give your internet connection a makeover. No more frustrating moments when downloading, streaming, and even gaming. NET4 not only offers you that but opens up a new world of connectivity & entertainment solutions.

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NET4 Fibre FAQ's

South Africa has been under-serviced when it comes to reliable, fast broadband Internet connectivity. Rolling out of fiber networks at the best telecommunication technology has to offer! You will enjoy speeds faster than ever before.

Prices vary depending on the package and service as well as which Network Provider covers your area. Adding services such as streaming boxes, VoIP phones, etc. will also have cost implications. NET4 Packages and Pricing is provided under the Fibre tab.

Yes, You will be billed by NET4, who in turn will be billed for the setup and maintenance of the fibre network by the fibre network provider.

Most fibre providers need to charge a small nominal setup fee which covers the laying of fibre optic cable from the closest fibre breakout in your street to your house, as well as the specific equipment that they will install in your house to connect you to the fibre network.

The setup cost should be approximately R1,800 but we do have specials from time to time to assist our customers with the setup cost.

First, check out our coverage map to see if NET4 offers fibre in your area. Then, you can check out your preferred package and we will be in touch with the necessary information.