NET4 Satellite


NET4 Satellite

In the age of global connectivity, a new form of internet service is revolutionizing access across the globe. This innovative technology uses a network of satellites in low Earth orbit to provide high-speed internet, especially beneficial in regions where traditional broadband is unavailable.

This satellite internet system operates through a constellation of small satellites orbiting closer to the Earth than traditional geostationary satellites. These satellites work in unison to form a robust mesh network, ensuring continuous and reliable internet coverage.

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50-250Mbps Home


/ month
  • Uncapped
  • Management
  • SELF Installation 
  • Best Effort Service

50-250 Mbps Business

2999 .00

/ month
  • Uncapped
  • Management
  • Basic Installation
  • 24hr Support

*T's and C's Apply

Equipment Once Off Fee @ R19 999